Raising Children: The Village You Didn’t Know You Needed

It has long been said that in order for a child to form a ‘secure’ attachment they must first learn to trust. This means their needs must be met – primarily those needs are food, warmth and a safe environment – but equally importantly the child needs to be assured that when they cry because they’re scared or frightened, or when they are unsure whether a situation is ‘safe’ or not, there will be someone there whom they recognise and who is able to comfort or reassure them. Ever since life began, mothers have needed help from other women and mothers to raise their children – perhaps not in the physical sense but definitely in an advisory capacity.

It takes time for the child to form a secure attachment. It is vital that a) the primary caregiver (parent/nanny for example) is able to respond appropriately and b) the caregiver remains constant. This has no bearing on whether either or both parents are working and away from home for most of the day, but rather that the person looking after the child during those hours does so for a number of years rather than a few months and most women who take nanny training are there to be able to provide excellent care. It is evident that an infant placed in a large nursery setting with various carers responding to his/her needs would find difficulty in gaining trust and forming a secure attachment, as opposed to an infant with two primary caregivers – say Mum and Nanny, the responses of whom he/she can predict. It is very important to remember that the role of a nanny is not the role of a mother. It is the role to help the mother and be a second pair of hands when the mother is in need. When mothers and fathers go back to work, some rely on grandparents and others rely on the hiring of a nanny to be in the home and keep consistency for the sake of the children.

A nanny provides care for your child in your own home which means plenty of one on one attention. For the most part, nannies are women and not men but there are some male nannies out there. This is generally because the ‘mothering’ role is very female oriented. You can have a live in or a live out nanny in the home and they work agreed hours and have different variations on their pay. When you are training to be a nanny there’s a whole world of courses you can learn from languages to first aid and all of these courses will stand very highly in an interview setting.

Meeting and interviewing nannies is often like a first date. There’s a lot of getting to know each other and you will have to allow the nanny you employ to love and treat your child as if they are hers. There’s a boundary of course but you want your children to be well looked after and this is one of the only options where a person can give your children love and affection as you would. Domestic chores are usually included in a job description and the chores are mainly related to your child. You’ve hired a nanny and not a housekeeper and you always must remember that.

Getting Your Children To Sleep

Everyone tells you you’ll never sleep again when you become a parent and we never believe them. They used to use sleep deprivation as a method of torture in the war and this is something you’ll understand when you have a baby, especially if you are unlucky enough to have a child who develops colic. Sleep is one of the biggest sacrifices of parenthood. From the moment you become pregnant, your sleep becomes interrupted. Your trimester stages generally dictate how little sleep you get, and it becomes less as the pregnancy progresses. Once your new born baby has arrived you are then in a situation – if you are extremely unlucky – of being woken every 2-4 hours a night for an absolute minimum of six months. You could be very lucky and have a baby who sleeps right through the night save for a feed or two but for the normal baby, that doesn’t happen. Only in fairy tales does that happen!

feet-619399_1280Getting your baby to go to sleep is a big deal and a lot of mothers and fathers tend to try and rush their babies. The need for sleep makes us all desperate but babies are too young to be ‘made’ to slep until they are at least six months of age. Before this age they don’t understand separation and so bearing with your newly rubbish sleep schedule is literally all you can do. However, once six months hit have at it and start ‘training’ that little sleep vampire. Sleep training is all about getting your little one to sleep and there are companies out there like hatacademy.co.uk that offer actual sleep training courses. What I will say though, is that you can read every book and take every course out there, but that doesn’t mean there is a magic cure. Our babies are born without instruction manuals and rule books and what works for one baby will not work at all for another baby.


There is a reason there is a magic time of six months of age. This is that a baby is actually supposed to wake up. Their stomachs are tiny for a start so regular feeding is the only way they will grow; they don’t stay full for as long as an adult does. When babies are born they have emerged from a warm, dark safe place in a small space to a world that is loud, bright, cold and absolutely huge. That is scary! It’s like being stuck inside with a broken leg for weeks and being allowed outside; you’re disoriented and may feel overwhelmed and seeing as babies can only communicate by crying, that is exactly what they do. All they want is to be held those first few months and the development that they go through during those months is huge.


There are three very common sleep training methods: cry it out, controlled crying and pick up and put down. Crying it out is the least recommended and it’s the practice of putting a warm, full, dry baby down on its back in its room while sleepy to go to sleep. Once in the cot, if they cry, they cry and you don’t go in to see to them. The downside to this is that they learn that no one will come when they cry, so they learn to stop crying. Controlled crying starts in a similar way, but you go into the room every minute for the first night and gently sooth the baby without picking it up and gradually increase the timings until they understand sleeping without you is ok. The last is a combination of the two but each time you see the baby you pick up, calm it down and put



Pros and Cons of Reusable Diapers

Which is which? There are mommies out there that would claim that one is better than the other. Sometimes listening to other people’s preferences can be confusing. In the end, it all comes down to what works best for you and your baby. You can read more about the pros and cons of reusable nappies in this article.

So let us start discussing reusable diapers. Reusable diapers can be made of cotton, flanel and terry cloth. There are some that look just like your disposable diapers and there are those that are just pieces of cloth. Initially it will cost more to acquire your stock of cloth diapers. But if you think about it, once you have your stock, you won’t ever have to run to the grocery store to get diapers. All you have to do is put them in the washing machine and wash them. But yes, they can add up to your weekly laundry. In the long run, you will be able to save more money with reusable diapers.


Reusable diapers are environment friendly as well. In the US alone, around 20 billion diapers are thrown away each year. Producing and disposing disposable diapers leave so many footprints on our plant. And do you have any idea how long it takes for these diapers to decompose? 500 years. Yes, that’s how long it takes to decompose the disposable diapers that one throws away. So you can just imagine the huge impact it would make if families opted for cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.

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In the beginning, you may get a little frustrated because reusable diapers mean more frequent changes. It can be a con especially if you are traveling or something. But in the end, your baby will benefit more from it. It means there are fewer chances of rashes and getting UTI. Plus it will be easier to potty train a baby because he or she is aware of the wetness that’s making her uncomfortable.


A common health concern regarding disposable diapers is the chemicals it contains. Dioxin is a chemical that is used in the production of disposable diapers. Unfortunately, this chemical is known to be a carcinogenic. There are no studies though that shows the effect of the disposable diapers on the skin. But there are people that are concerned with the gases from the diapers that may be increasing the asthmatic symptoms in children. So if you are among those that want to lessen the chemical exposure of your family, then opt for cloth diapers.34-clothdiapers

Did you also know that reusable diapers are better at keeping the pee and poop in? Reusable diapers are very versatile and they can give you a better fit. Leaks are not too common either. And if you are among the fashion conscious people, cloth diapers have thousands of cute designs to choose from. There are plain colored ones to printed ones with every cartoon character that you can possibly imagine.


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So overall, there are more advantages from using cloth diapers which makes it a more logical choice.

Being a Parent is Through Looking on What your Heart Longs for

Being a parent, does not need to be blood related. It is the joy that you may feel having a child and helping them to grow and to be nurtured well. As a parent, we need to care for the child which is in our custody. Beyond the thought that every child in their parents’ hand is fortunate enough to have them around, there are also children who are suffering from abandonment. There are different experiences which may put them in a difficult situation.

When we were a child, we can still remember how clingy we were on our parents and how difficult it was seeing them working every day. Caring for children who does not belong on our bloodline is one of the indications that there are more who needs the care of a parent that is still in their searching phase. Foster caring may take between 3 to 6 months and foster parents are the one applying to care and foster a kid. As a foster parent,  you need to submit your information wherein you will be background checked before then you will be approve as suitable to be a foster parent. There are couples who are not blessed with kids and the only way they could enjoy parenthood is to have a foster children that they can care in a short period of time. If you would like to seek for foster centers, you may check on fostering in Essex.


Being a foster parent is giving time to other children to enjoy the time of their lives wherein they experience a complete family in few months. If their parents would be able to like them for adoption, then the parents would another undergo different process. In fostering, the kid will be able to know their foster parent and at the same time, the foster parent would get the chance to bond with their foster child and welcome them in their homes with open arms. Learning to teach them on how to be a good kid and teaching him the manners that he should learn as what they should act within the society. Some of them are having emotional trauma and fostering is one of their ways on how they will be able to assess them psychologically and treating them in the best way they can.


If you want to care for a foster kid in London, you may check on fostering in London. You will then be given a chance to become a responsible parent. You and your foster kid will learn more about your traits and may accompany you with your trips and help them to cope up with the unfortunate scenarios that they have been through. In fostering a kid, you need a loving heart to understand that you are fostering a kid with bitter experience in the past. You should expect that they will manifest some behavior which is not pleasing though your patience is highly expected.


Basics on Fostering a Child

There are many people who would love to foster a child for different reasons. Some find having a new member in the family exciting, some are couples who want to have a child while others are singles who would simply like to take care of a child. There are many reasons why people would like to become a foster carer but only a few people know the basics when it comes to becoming a foster carer. There are a lot of fostering agencies in Kent one can visit so that they can start being a foster carer.


But before one can become a foster carer, there are steps that must be followed. A lot of people usually ask about the basics on how to foster a child. Usually, there are five steps one must undergo before becoming a foster carer. First is of course, giving a formal request to the fostering agency stating your desire to become a foster carer. Upon receiving your request, they will ask for your basic information. This is important for them to find out whether you are eligible to become a foster carer or if there are some things you must work on first before becoming one.hands Then they will give you more information on becoming a foster carer. This is like the getting to know you and orientation part.

Second comes the informal chat wherein you get to talk with the foster agency representative and get the chance to ask them all the questions you have regarding being a foster carer. The third step is the information gathering wherein you give them full and more specific details about yourself. ThAttracting more foster carers: live discussioney will also ask for consent from other members of the family. This is important for the child’s welfare for if there is at least one member of the family not agreeing to this, it may be bad for the child. Knowing that someone in your new family does not agree to your presence can be very traumatizing for a child. The fourth step is assessment process. This may take long since this will be the time where the fostering agency will dig deep into studying whether you deserve to foster a child or not, and whether the child is safe to be with you or not. They do a lot of studying in this process for the last step which is the approval. In the last step, the foster carer will get an oral and written decision as to the request of fostering a child.


So those are the basic steps in fostering a child. The steps are really easy especially if one is really eager to foster a child. However, the details stated above may not be specific and there might be more questions you have in mind. O, if you want to foster a child, it is advised that you visit the best fostering agency in Kent to make sure you get to know everything you need to know before fostering a child.




Fostering a Child is a Huge Responsibility

Having a child is a wonderful gift given by God and we cannot hide the feeling when we are holding them. However there are aspiring mothers or couple who cannot bear a child. There might be health concerns they are experiencing that are stopping them from bearing a child. That is the reason why there are fostering agencies that are helping couple or other people who wants to take care of a child, or to become a foster carer. There are fostering agencies in London that are responsible in finding carers for the children referred to them.

Anyone can be a foster carer and can learn to become one. To become a foster carer it doesn’t matter if you are married, single, young and old or whatever gender you have. There are different children who need someone to look after them and it is important to look diverse carers for them. There is how to become a foster carer questions that will be done by the fostering agencies. The fostering agencies will ask questions regarding the home environment from the one who wants to become foster carer. There is motivation and also commitment that will be asked to them. It means that the agency is making sure that they will get a carer who is ready to foster a child.


It is better to look for an independent team for fostering child than local authority because the authorities are going to find someone to foster the children who will better look after them. On how to foster a child there will be training and also preparation for the carers. There are trainings and assessment procedure that will be done to fulfill the role of a carer. This is to tell whether you are suitable to take care of foster children.


The main reason for children to be adopted in United Kingdom is that the unmarried mothers are giving up the child for an adoption and the step parents are adopting as well their partner’s child. But then the foster agencies are always open to take care of the children who referred to them. They will be looking for someone who is qualified to be a foster carer. There are foster carers that are trained to demonstrate high levels of motivation, skills and care. There are learning opportunities and engagement that a fostering agency can provide to continuously develop skills of foster carer.

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Fostering a child is a huge responsibility to the one who wants to foster. You should pass the assessment and the process if you want to foster a child. There are people who want to foster a child so they can have someone to be with them in their life. To provide care for children the best they can. Fostering a child might be a long process because of the procedures that need to be followed. When you want to foster a child, you need to make sure that you can provide the needs of the child, especially parental guidance and bonding.